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Seven Kingdoms ~ Prompt Meme

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Created on 2015-07-26 09:17:45 (#2427650), last updated 2015-07-26 (117 weeks ago)

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Name:Seven Kingdoms ~ Anonymous Meme
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members

This community provides an anonymous, non-IP-logged platform for fanfic prompts. Prompts and fills can be explicit, or not.


The rules may seem many, but they are quite reasonable.

  • ~*~ BE NICE ~*~

  • Meaning: act like the prompt, fill, or comment you're replying to was written by an actual person like you.

  • All prompts, fills and comments should be anonymous.

  • Don't post several prompts in a row, and try to fill as often as you prompt.

  • Post prompts with a title that indicates the character or pairing, and the nature of the prompt. This is for easier browsing and archiving.

  • Fills don't need to have titles, but they should also indicate the character or pairing for the benefit of the readers.

  • Non-consensual material requires a content note in the comment title.

  • See the posting guidelines for rules on posting fills that take up more than one comment.

  • Comments on fills are very welcome! But please be considerate. Don't comment on a fill just to say how much you dislike the pairing or kink involved, that's just needlessly rude.

  • Please try to fill as often as you prompt. Prompts with no fills are an anon meme's death knell.

  • Phrase your prompt by what you do like, don't insult or belittle other pairings or the like.

  • Your prompt should include a list of squicks or triggers if necessary. Use your best judgment.

  • Be excellent to one another!

  • And don't be Blain.


  • Official 7KPP! Go here to read about the game and download a free demon.
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